What makes a great CHNA?

Actionable examples, best-practices and new approaches for great Community Health Needs Assessments.

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New Concepts and Best-Practices

Whether required for accreditation, or simply to improve service delivery and community engagement, we've assembled the latest examples and resources of cutting-edge best practices for your next Community Health Needs Assessment.
July 26, 2019 Three Tips for a Great CHNA

We’ll show you the three things every Community Health Needs Assessment should do.

July 23, 2019 Using Benchmarks to Improve Community Health

Make better decisions about resources and care with context.

December 15, 2019 Assessing community well-being in your next CHNA

Well-being can be a valuable analytic frame for your next CHNA. See how.

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New York City Health + Hospitals

Using Well-Being to Assess Population Health Needs

For their latest Community Health Needs Assessment, New York City Health + Hospitals wanted to move beyond the typical disease indicators and understand the overall health and well-being of their hospital service areas.

We worked with NYCHH to adapt the Seven Vital Conditions of Health and Well-being framework to their specific indicators and areas of focus. Using the Seven Vital Conditions, NYCHH was able to identify gaps and priorities in different areas like environment and housing that are more relevant and actionable than the typical social determinants.

Thought-leading Examples

Great ideas in data visualization, analysis and presentation for your next CHNA.
Kaiser Permanente

KP's 2017 CHNA is a great example for large health systems.


NYCHH used a well-being approach to quantifying health and well-being beyond diseases.

Time-saving Tools

Great ideas in data visualization, analysis and presentation for your next CHNA.