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You need answers. We can help you find or compute the data set you need to make informed decisions.


We help you to find the cutting edge research and methods that can help make sense of tough problems. From conceptual analysis to primary source research, we know how to solve tough new problems.

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We know where to find the data you need. Over the years, we've worked most major dat a sources and providers, as well as discovered some hidden gems few people know about.

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The hardest problems usually require new analysis and computation. We are constantly applying the latest statistical methods and big data tools to generate unique data for our clients.

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New York City Health + Hospitals

NYCHH needed to measure the well-being of their served communities. We delivered an innovative solution.

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Data We Used

Women Power Leadership Index

An index that quantifies the relative power of women in public service positions globally.

Local Election Voter Turnout

Tract-level information on voter turnout for local elections in 2012 and 2014 for 40 major US cities.

Global Power Plant Emissions

Estimated green-house gas emissions for all power plants globally.

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