Kaiser Permanente

In 2018, Kaiser Permanente finalized their latest Community Health Needs Assessment.  The KP CHNA used an innovative analytic framework to provide summaries for 11 different categories of indicators across 52 service areas nationally.  The CHNA was also accompanied by an online data platform we developed in partnership with IP3.

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Things we like:

  • Analytic framework provides a summary view of indicators to make it easier to understand.
  • Consistent structure and format across a large number of regions and service areas.
  • Well integrated community feedback and qualitative assessment.

Things that could be improved:

  • Largely focused on disease burden, without looking at other upstream determinants of health.
  • No system wide view/report.
  • Quantitative information is limited to a single map in most cases.
  • Reports don't always align with online platform content.