500 Cities Data Kickstart

We can help you source, analyze and use the 500 Cities data to effectively answer questions about health in your community.

What is the 500 Cities Data Kickstart?

Our 500 Cities Data Kickstart service is a cost-effective way to get started with the 500 Cities data set:

Analysis Strategy

We can help you understand how the 500 cities data can be applied to your particular needs, including Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) or Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP).

Area Estimations

The real power of 500 cities data is supporting accurate sub-county estimates for key indicators. We can deliver tailored, relevant values for any geography, including neighborhoods, zipcodes and city boundaries.

Data Sourcing

Our team has deep experience finding, cleaning and delivering data sets for analysis and reporting. We've worked extensively with the 500 cities data set and can provide source data in any format your analytics or mapping software requies.

Writing & Visualization

Do you need help interpreting the results of your quantitative analysis? We can assist with writing and visualizations, including map development and other assets your team needs to share results.

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  • Indicator Selection< & Analysis Support
  • Results Interpretation & Recommendations
  • Final Review & Strategy
1-3 weeks Get started

Data Delivery

  • Framework & Indicator Recommenation
  • Data sourcing in Custom Formats
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation
3-5 weeks Get started


  • Framework & Indicator Recommenation
  • Data sourcing & Custom Formats
  • Visualization & Collateral production
4-8 weeks Get started
New York City Health + Hospitals

Using 500 Cities Data to better assess hyper-local health needs

For their latest Community Health Needs Assessment, New York City Health + Hospitals wanted to explore health outcomes for census tracts and neighborhoods. However, their local health department didn't have the data they needed.

We worked with NYCHH to source and analyze the 500 Cities data for their specific indicators and areas of focus. We then estimated indicator values for NYCHH hospital service areas. Using the 500 Cities Data, NYCHH was able to identify gaps and priorities at the neighborhood and tract level, creating a much more engaging and insightful Community Health Needs Assessment.