Local Election Voter Turnout

Tract-level information on voter turnout for local elections in 2012 and 2014 for 40 major US cities.

This data set was compiled in partnership with Portland State University based on 65 million voter registration records in 15 states. Data was aggregated to the census tract to show the Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) and Voter Turnout by age, race, income and education levels.

Various city, county, and state voter records, the U.S. Census, the American Community Survey (ACS), and the Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) tabulation are all used in order to provide deep insight into municipal voting patterns. To start, voter data were compiled into a consistent format in order to facilitate accuracy. Then, along with Census, ACS, and CVAP data, voter data were uploaded into ArcCatalog for spatial analysis.

The first models select 2014-vintage Census tracts in the vicinity of our study area (city limits) and append Census data tables to the tract shapefiles. Once complete, the next set of models spatially join voter data to these tracts and aggregate the voter data based on the desired variables. In other words, they select each voter within a given tract, and the end result creates a table with the total number of voters falling into each category (total registered voters, turnout in an election, voters falling into our specified age categories, and so on).

Granularity Tract
Last Updated 2016

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