New York City Health + Hospitals

NYCHH needed to measure the well-being of their served communities. We delivered an innovative solution.

The need

As part of their 2019 Community Health Needs Report, New York City Health and Hospitals wanted to focus on more than just how sick their communities were. Instead, the CHNA was an opportunity to answer the more important question of how well communities are doing in all aspects of life; their overall well-being.

But NYCHH didn't know how you could possibly measure as big a topic as well-being.  So they asked us to help. 

Our approach

From our work with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), we were familiar with the Wellbeing in the Nation (WIN) framework for measuring community health and well-being.  We worked with NYCHH to identify and understand which components of well-being aligned with current priorities and the availability of local level data.  Because of the unique needs of the urban areas served by NYCHH, we customized the WIN framework to include additional indicators that gave better insight into environment, transportation and equity issues.

Once the data was identified and methodology finalized, we performed a quantitative analysis using the IP3 Assess platform from our partners and the Institute for People, Place and Possibility. This involved computing well-being aggregate scores for 17 hospital service areas, along with national percentile rankings based on similar urban areas.  We then generated custom maps and data outputs to support the design team assembling the final CHNA report.

The final result

The 2019 CHNA included data from 162 indicators across 8 health and well-being domains. All total, the analysis required 4.5 million data points spanning 15 years.

From start to finish, we were able to complete the project in less than 4 weeks, helping NYCHH deliver a high-quality, innovative CHNA that will improve their ability to focus resources on holistic care. 

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