Federal Communications Commission

We delivered the first public open government content platform for the Federal Communications Commission.

The need

The Federal Communications Commission had millions of public records trapped in a legacy Oracle database. Important decisions on critical issues like net neutrality, corporate mergers and wireless regulations were public, yet inaccessible to nearly everyone. The only way for the public to access the bulk of the information was to travel to the FCC library in Washington, D.C., or pay a third-party for access.

The technical solution proposed by a large system integrator was a new data warehouse to store the information and make it available on the web. The cost: more than $3 million and 2 years to develop.

Our approach

To build FCC.gov, we implemented an API publishing platform that integrates multiple back-end databases together to power the website. The API publishing platform uses the same modular design as proposed above and has successfully scaled to more than 3,000,000 records and 10 million views per month.

The final result

As part of a larger redesign of FCC.gov, the FCC tapped us to develop a solution. We had six months and $400,000 to make every document available through the new website. And the existing database would continue to be used.

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