A New Way to Explore County Health Data

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We're excited to announce a new feature we've launched with Kaiser Permanente: the CHNA County Data Explorer.

Lots of organizations need quick, reliable access to health need data and prioritization tools, but there are few places to get free, high quality data. That's why we built the County Data Explorer as part of the KP CHNA platform.

The County Data Explorer makes it easy to do three things:

  1. View county data for any of the 140 public health, population or social determinants indicators in the platform.

  2. Build your own custom regions and see aggregated estimates for multi-county regions and service areas.

  3. Easily download and visualize the data with maps and spreadsheets.

The tool includes data for all counties in the KP regions, and we're excited to continue adding new areas and data to the platform in the future.

You can access the County Data Explorer for free now on the KP CHNA platform at https://kp-chna.ip3app.org.

We'd love know what you think!