About Us

We believe that every organization deserves to have actionable data delivered in a modern, well-executed, and predictable way.

Founded in 2010, Seabourne was the first to leverage the new technology of APIs to make a U.S. federal agency's content available to consumers and practitioners via an open web platform (the FCC). What began as a simple project revealed a profound need for technology strategy that is cost-effective, actionable, and accessible to organizations of any size.

From this beginning, we've worked with some of the world's largest brands and most exciting start-ups to make emerging technology a core part of their success.

Today, Seabourne is advancing the state of the art for data, visualization, artificial intelligence, IoT and AR.

Our engagement model delights customers at every stage. We provide leading-edge technology with lower risk by using and continually augmenting tools that address a broad spectrum of data problems. Customers love our approach: smaller project stages focused on agile delivery and nimble use of technology that results in solutions clients can use immediately.

Seabourne has a reputation for helping enterprise customers deliver sophisticated emerging technology projects. We?ve partnered with the FCC, US Department of Commerce, the World Resources Institute, NBC Sports, United Nations/ReliefWeb, CogState, and RFK Legacy in Action, Kaiser Permanente, Providence Health Systems, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, The Wilson Center, The Knight Foundation, and many more.

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